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Lune aluminium plant containers
Designer aluminium plant containers
President aluminium plant containers
Karaat aluminium plant containers

Lune spun aluminium containers.   The original aluminium plant containers.  Planters can be straight sided or can have an incurved top lip.  Other shapes are available. Twenty five different finishes include fine brushed or polished aluminium, brass effect or bronze effect.


Lune styles, sizes and finishes  

Designer aluminium containers.   An economical aluminium planter with slightly coarser brushing. The round plant containers have an incurved top lip.   Troughs, tapered troughs, tall squares, tall tapered squares and tall round planters are included in this series. Some seams may be partly visible on the round planters.


Designer styles, sizes and finishes  

Hammered aluminium plant containers
Edelweiss aluminium plant containers

Edelweiss spun aluminium containers.   Very similar to Lune but at a slightly reduced cost and a smaller range.  Round planters have an incurved top lip.   The range includes squares and troughs and shaped vases in thirteen different colours including stainless steel effect.


Edelweiss styles, sizes and finishes  

President aluminium containers.   Another high quality product in round, perforated round, tall round and tall tapered round shapes. Tall planters can be made with or without a flat top lip.   The smaller planters are aluminium over a synthetic base.   Stainless steel, brass finish and perforated finishes are available.


President styles, sizes and finishes  

Karaat aluminium containers. The Karaat range is also aluminium over a synthetic base and has the option of recessed wheels. This circular  range has a rolled top lip and slightly curved base. Brushed aluminium finish only although matching stainless steel plant containers from the same manufacturer also come in black, aluminium paint or hammered silver paint.


Karaat sizes

Designer shaped aluminium plant containers

Left: Designer squares and tall squares.   These shapes and many more in stainless steel can be seen at:







Hammered aluminium containers.   A small range of tall tapered round plant containers.   These planters can be made with or without a flat top lip.   


Hammered styles, sizes and finishes  


Aluminium is only suitable  for indoor use.   For a similar appearance outdoors choose stainless steel planters.

The plant containers on this site are primarily for offices, bars and restaurants but are available to private individuals.